Sunday, January 25, 2009

Give 'em an Inch!

My kids love to watch America's Funniest Home Videos on Sunday nights. Tonight there was a video with a motorcycle. The motorcycle was a road that had a speed limit sign for 70 km per hour. My husband said, "that must be filmed in Europe."

"How do you know?" my 6 year old asked.

"Because the speed limit was in kilometers. We don't use kilometers here do we? What do we use?"

My 6 year old replied proudly, "We use inches!"

I couldn't help but laugh. Yes, I can't tell you how many speed limit signs I've driven by that are in inches per hour.


Michelle said...

Well, technically he's right... we do use inches instead of meters (or metres). Did you specify what measurement we use for SPEED? ;) Man, I'd love to see the speed limits in inches though. Can you imagine? 75,523 inches per hour in this zone, only 46,262 in another....

Cathy said...

sometimes, when the traffic is really bad, i feel like I'm driving in inches!

girlytwins said...

Hilarious. I agree with Cathy. Sometimes I feel like I am driving in inches too :)

Mama Zen said...

That's cute! My daughter just loves that show, and so does her daddy!

Elizabeth said...

That would be funny!
My 8 year old is learning about Meters/ Centimeters...Yards/ feet/ inches/ miles...etc.
gotta love it.