Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crime Rates are Going Up

The counterfeiter in my house is back at it again. (In case you missed it earlier, here's the link.) Today he made a $10 bill.

I added the pen to the picture so you could get a better idea of just how real this $10 bill is. It's amazing what kids make at preschool these days.

Oh, my son also made this at preschool today.

I asked my son what it is. He picked it up by the cardboard tube and said, "It's a handle" very matter-of-factly.


Michelle said...

Oh. I was going with a freighter. A handle makes much more sense ;)

girlytwins said...

Very handy you little guy :) You boys always have me laughing.

CC said...

That is awesome. I made a fake tooth once for the tooth fairy. My son thought it was such a great idea when he heard the tale, that now he wants to do it. Even though I said I was paid in a "fake quarter"!

Barb said...

your blogs are full of smiles

Elizabeth said...

Of course it's a handle...why couldn't you tell?
Blessings, E

Cathy said...

that's so funny!! I would have had to ask what that is too. :)