Monday, January 5, 2009

A Few Decorating Tips

In the new year, lots of people like to try new things. We rearrange furniture, move pictures on the wall and do our best to make things fresh and new around the house. I thought it would be nice to watch movies on the TV in my bedroom. So I asked my husband what we needed to do to be able to watch movies upstairs. After thinking for a couple of minutes he decided that we could move an old media player upstairs and hook it up the TV in the bedroom. This was about one week ago. Here is a picture of the media player in my bedroom.

Please note that is not hooked up to a TV. That is simply sitting on the dresser. It brought a few friends, the remote and some cables, to keep it company. It has been there so long that my husband has started using it as a place to put his clothes. I know you are all jealous and wish you had thought of this new decorating trend. Feel free to try it in your homes.

Next, is a lovely picture of my microwave.

Does anyone notice anything unusual about my microwave, besides the fact that is very old. How about the background? This microwave is no longer in the kitchen. My husband moved it to the living room last night. Again, I know you are all very jealous. Everyone wishes they had been the first to think of moving the microwave to such an innovative place!

To be honest, I can somewhat understand why he moved it. We had a small fire in the kitchen last night. Actually in an outlet in the kitchen. I smelled something burning. My husband didn't believe me. Then I saw smoke coming out of an outlet! So he spent the next 2 hours or so taking everything apart and moving appliances to different parts of the house. He'll have to re-wire the kitchen circuits. But he won't have time to do that until the weekend. So he assures me that the microwave will be out of the living room by this weekend. Knowing his track record for things like this, I doubt it. I am sure that as soon as Martha Stewart finds out about my modern decorating style, she'll be calling me up for an interview. But for now, only my few blog readers will know about this ground-breaking cookie decorating style ;)


Michelle said...

I have an idea. I think you should put the media center in bed with you on HIS side. I try that with things for my husband. Sometimes it works. And sometimes he just dumps it off the bed and climbs in or sleeps atop it. Oops ;)

Mama Zen said...

"Just for a couple of days, honey."

Isn't that what they always say?

Barb said...

I am so envious of your cutting edge decoratingista ideas.

When are we going to see your show on HGTV?

girlytwins said...

I am laughing so hard right now. My hubby is the same way. Mine also keeps things that we do not need. We recently cleaned out our garage and I found so many old appliances out there that had broken or were outdated and we had replaced them. When I asked him why he said what if we needed again or that we might want to out them back if we moved outta the house. Haha. I made him throw it all away. It was a hilarious conversation. Husbands! Ha!

Fire Hunt said...

The microwave would be in my living room for a longe time to, men!