Thursday, January 8, 2009


Both of my boys play basketball at the local YMCA. The 6 year old has practice in the gym on Tuesdays from 4-5. The younger one has practice on Tuesday from 5-6. So we're at the YMCA for 2 hours every Tuesday.

There is a small running track above the gym. The middle of the track is open so you can see the gym below. So I took my 5 year old upstairs to walk and run a little while waiting for his brother. After going around the track a few times, he wanted to try out the machines in the corner.

I got on a StairMaster. I selected a workout (fat burning). The machine showed "20 minutes" on the screen. I pressed "OK." Then the machine showed "weight=150 pounds" on the screen. I'm only 5'2"! I didn't eat that many cookies during Christmas! I was shocked. I almost threw my body to cover that screen so no one else could see and snicker!

Then my 5 year old got on the machine next to me. His screen also said "weight=150 pounds." Whew! Glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed a few too many cookies ;)


Barb said...

Evil StairMaster!

girlytwins said...

Hilarious!!!! Good to know you are not alone. hahaha

Fire Hunt said...

Hahaha That is hilarious!

Michelle said...

Yeah.... whoops ;) C'mon, doesn't everyone weigh 150? That must be the average weight of an American or something that they start there for you to input your actual weight. I prefer the quick start where I can just do whatever and however long I want!