Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time to Mow

The lawn was getting long so I decided to mow it today. My 7 year old was very disappointed. He asked me, "Why did you have to mow the lawn today?"

"Because it was getting long," I said.

"But you cut down all of the wheat grass that I was collecting," he said. (The wheat grass that he collects are the grass seeds that grow on the tips of the long pieces of grass.)

"That's exactly why it needed to be cut. If it's long enough to have seeds, then it's past time to cut it!"


Fire Hunt said...

You are no fun! lol

a corgi said...

LOL; just wait a few years and he'll be cutting the grass for you :)

I really don't mind cutting grass; kind of therapeutic like shoveling snow. However now with the potential of snakes in the backyard, I just let my 20 y/o cut it and "throw" him some money; I think its a win-win situation :)

have a great Wednesday


Momisodes said...

If only everyone appreciated the tall grass like 7 year olds :)

bernthis said...

I agree with momisodes, I wish I could find the joy in that.

Dr.John said...

That grass is already to long. You need a scythe.

Michelle said...

Sadly, there are times when I debate letting the grass grow long and go to seed so that it gets thicker. My husband isn't a fan of that idea though... I'm with your boy ;)