Monday, June 8, 2009

It Doesn't Really Pay to be Early

I talked to my son's first grade teacher last Thursday. She was planning a "Sea Life" party for the kids to celebrate all the work they did learning about the sea and their projects about different sea creatures. I agreed to bring fruit for the party and asked what time I should be there on Monday. She told me to be there at 1:45.

So today is Monday. This morning I went to the grocery store. I bought cherries, grapes, watermelon and kiwi. I added some strawberries from my garden. I washed everything and cut it up into bite-size pieces for the kids. Then at 1:30 I took the fruit, my camera and my 5 year old and I drove to the school.

I saw one of the other classroom moms in the office. I asked her if she was there for the "Sea Life" party too. She gave me a funny look and said, "There is no sea life party today. That's next week."

"What?! I just asked Mrs. FirstGradeTeacher and she said to be here at 1:45."

"Yeah. Be here at 1:45 on Monday the 15th."

"Oh. Now what am I going to do with all of this fruit?"

The other mom chuckled a little. The office assistant who was sitting at her desk in the office chuckled too.

I did not chuckle. I am just about to search online for a drink recipe that calls for a lot of alcohol and a lot of fruit! Sangria Anyone?


Karen said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you, but some good came out of the situation. For one, you made the classroom mom and the assistant laugh. Gotta spread some joy in the world, right? And then, you made me laugh and well, that's just really valuable. And more importantly, you've just reminded me that I'm supposed to make cupcakes for my daughter's preschool graduation. If you hadn't posted this gem of a story, I'd be blogging tomorrow about how I once again forgot to do something for Ellie's school.

Fire Hunt said...

That would so be me.

Michelle said...

Mmmm, you coulda shared some of that with me. And hey -- better early than missing it, no?

bernthis said...

don't know if my comment made it but as I said in the last one, I've been in your shoes before and it blows. My time is so precious, aye.......