Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things To Do This Summer

If you're like me you're really dreading looking forward to spending summer vacation with your kids. Isn't it great that you can choose to sign them up for an expensive summer camp and spend their entire college savings doing so? Of course there are lots of known free or cheap things to do with kids. There are parks, grandparents, libraries, aunts, uncles and lots of other relatives that they can visit. But here are a few more ideas that are free this summer.

Kids bowl free, 2 games per day! Just sign up here in advance. Hopefully they have a place near you. The closest one to me is about 15 minutes away. Not too bad.

Barnes & Noble has a summer reading club. Go here and print out the form. Kids have to read 8 books and then they get to choose a fee book at the store, from select titles of course.

Regal Movie Theaters are having their Free Family Festival. Here is the website to find a theater near you.

AMC has $1 Movies. Not free, but not bad either.

Hope that helps with some summer ideas. I also recommend a mojito once a day to help survive summer vacation. That's for the mom, not the kid.


bernthis said...

No one dollar for a babysitter or anything like that huh?

a corgi said...

I always looked for free/inexpensive things when my kids were younger. We did the library reading program and they had some craft programs too that we participated in, we saw what local museums had to offer, the city's park and recreation programs, etc. I tried if I could to have 1-2 activities per week that got us out of the house and were relatively inexpensive or free so that it helped my sanity.

Now that they are grown (20/23) I wish I had those summers back just because they go by so fast and they are graduated from high school and on their own, but some of those summer days lasted a lifetime but the lifetime lasted but just a day (in retrospect)

just enjoy them the best you can!


Cathy said...

i hear you!! I ended up putting Ethan in summer camp--there's just no way i could entertain him for 12 solid weeks without losing my sanity. But these are great ideas--i really want him to keep up reading--i'll look into the B&N thing!

Elizabeth said...

As a homeschooling mom, I look SO forward to the summer!!! We sleep later, read, watch movies, play in the pool (in the afternoons)...Ahhhhh.
We also do Vacation Bible school (I'm teaching this year-so we are all going) and the girls do a "Farm Girl Camp" at a friends house one week.
Otherwise lack of structure is MY summer break as well as the children!

Elizabeth said...

PS: I think we will be doing some bowling this summer, too!
Pax, EJT

Momisodes said...

Thanks so much for these links! We'll definitely check out those summer movie specials.

Misguided Mommy said...

thats why i love summers off!

Michelle said...

$290, six weeks, 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. I love my school district :)

And the B&N thing? I didn't know about that one, but we're so signing up tomorrow. Thanks!

Mama Zen said...

Thank you, thank you!