Sunday, May 31, 2009

How Old?

My sister is visiting me. She lives in Virginia. She is the baby in the family, the youngest of 5 girls. I'm the second oldest. There are more than a few years difference between us. She's 20 and I'm... well... a little older than 20.

She was playing Guitar Hero with my 7 year old. He asked her, "Did you know that my mom used to like Guns N Roses when she was little?"

Do you know what my 20 year old little sister said?????

She said, "I didn't think Guns N Roses were that old."

I'm kicking her out now.


a corgi said...

definitely!! at least she knew who Guns N Roses were and didn't say "who???"

enjoy your visit with her


Mama Zen said...

And, give her a swift kick in the rear for me, too!

Cathy said...

I would too! I have a little sister--we're about 8 years apart, and I get that stuff from her a lot, too! It's a little better now that we both have kids--kids age you!

Michelle said...

Yowch! That's so wrong. GNR rocked. Errr rocks! Bad sister!