Thursday, May 28, 2009

Problem Spots

This week a man came to my door trying to get me to sign up for yard service. He started out by saying that he works on other yards in the neighborhood and he noticed that my yard has a few "problem spots." He didn't get any further than that.

We do have a gardener who takes of the yard. Me. Ever since I stopped "working" I have been taking care of the yard and lawn. My husband does help occasionally on the weekends, but regular mowing, weeding, planting trimming etc, is all up to me. And I'll have you know that I work very hard for those "problem spots"! If the yard was perfect how would I ever be able to convince Mr. Cookie that my yard skills aren't good enough and that we should hire a professional gardener when we can afford it. I'm still holding out hope that one day that will happen.

So for now, you just leave those "problem spots" up to me. Thankyouverymuch.


Fire Hunt said...

My yard has some "problem spots" too but I like them.. lol

Michelle said...

Yeah I was thinking that wasn't the best way to get someone to sign on... don't insult their skills!

Momisodes said...

Sadly, our entire front yard is a problem spot for the neighborhood. Landscapers can be so expensive! We are clearly not native new englanders, and we neglected our yard in the fall, when most were seeding and fertilizing.

Mama Zen said...

Problem spots? Just the blood stain I'm about to leave on the grass!

a corgi said...

hi; just found your blog; I love your writing style and sense of humor; we just moved into a rental house that didn't come with a gardener this time around and find ourselves doing our own yard work, the first time in 5 years. thankfully, our 20-year-old still lives at home and is not working so he got delegated that chore, otherwise, I'm sure I'd be thinking of problem spots too, especially since snakes have been noted to be in our backyard.

enjoy your week ahead