Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Is Going to Clean That Up?

Last week we watched a neighbor's dog while they went on vacation (well it was a road trip to visit family in Montana so not a real vacation, but anyway). The dog stayed with us for 6 days. Our yard is fully fenced in and I love dogs. It's really nice to be able to have a dog for a week. The kids are thrilled. And by the end of the week they don't care about the dog as much. The excitement of having a dog has worn off. It's like renting a dog for a week and then being able to give it back!

Today I was preparing to mow the lawn. I cleaned up a few firework debris. And I scooped up all the dog poop. My 5 year was watching me. He was going to make sure that he didn't have to touch the poop. He asked me why I was "picking up" the dog poop. I explained how I wanted the yard to be clean. He then asked, "How are you going to clean up all of the pee?"

Honey, I think that's your job.


Madge said...

five year olds are the wisest.

Mama Zen said...

Smart question!

Karen said...

My older daughter asked about how we were supposed to pick up the dog pee when we got him last year. The look on her face was priceless when I told her that it couldn't be picked up. If you'd like to "rent" our spastic dog, I'd be happy to ship him out to you. You can send him back in few years.

a corgi said...

LOL about the pee, that was a very cute comment. that's kind of good to get the want of a dog out of kids, have them dog sit for a week or so and see if they are still committed; I'll have to remember that advice to share with others.

hope your friends had a good vacation in Montana; I lived there for 8 years and it was one of the best times of my life :)

enjoy the day


Mama Goose said...

Haha! My kids love to search the yard for dog bombs. :)

Sara said...

I hope this isn't a repeat comment. I hit something and ended up on a very different page:~)

For me, this was a LOL post and I do love every chance to especially!

As they say, "out the mouth of babes:~)

girlytwins said...

Ha. Well he has a point :)

Michelle said...

See, that's God's job. He brings the rain to wash it all away. And I'm with your son. This is why I am never going to have a dog :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Tell 'em that's why we need to wear shoes, then have him water the lawn with the hose to rinse if it doesn't rain.

Children are so wise.
Good to rent, but great to own too. I do a cat now. She's quiet n well box-trained. I grew up with a dog, n I wouldn't trade that love for anything- but was alot of work.

Talon said...

lol! I love how kids - excuse my language - cut through the crap and get right to the heart of the matter.

I have two dogs and they are available for rent anytime ;)