Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday I took my kids to the library. The library has a show every Tuesday at 7pm during the summer. Last night was a kids rock band called "Recess Monkey." They were great. I think we've only missed one show this year. Before the show we return our books and get new books.
Yesterday afternoon I logged onto the library website. I checked which books were due. I renewed some and some couldn't be renewed (you can't renew more than twice and you can't renew if there are holds waiting). I made a pile of the books that had to be returned because they would become overdue. The kids moaned and groaned because they weren't finished with all of the books. They looked at a few in the afternoon.
After dinner I put all of the books into the bag to take to the library. I also collected books from the kids' bedrooms upstairs. My 7 year old brought some more books that he was finished with. We went to the library, returned the books, checked out new books and watched the show.
This morning I found 3 books that were in my original pile that had to be returned last night. I asked my kids how these books were left behind. They have no idea. How does this happen???? I put these books in the pile to be returned yesterday. Every other book that was in that pile was returned. How did these get left behind??? Must be magic!
Looks like I'll be making another trip to the library today.


a corgi said...

LOL; I guess you'll have to be like Santa "making a list, checking it twice, gotta see what library books need to be returned" etc. its neat that you use the library and participate in the programs there! love kids who love to read and love to go to the library!


Talon said...

This brought back vivid memories of when my kids were little and we'd have stacks of library books to keep track of. I love that they still love books to this day. I'm sorry the library book pixies were playing tricks on you!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Great... there goes another precious dollar! I tend to buy instead of borrow book, cus I'm so bad at remembering to return them! At least you have a good system!
I'd make both kids do special chores (like wash fingerprints off the wall) to "earn" the fee, so it doesn't keep happening- You know whoever did it will be known by the one who didn't-

EatPlayLove said...

I live the library book scramble all the time. But I sure do love the library!

girlytwins said...

I would be so awful at returning on time. LOL. My girls are too little to read yet and prefer to have the same two book re-read over and over :) And my mom seriously bought us a small library when I became pregnant cuz I loved to read so much when I was growing up.