Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finding Sand Dollars

Last weekend we went to the beach. The kids loved looking for sand dollars on the beach. At first we only found broken sand dollars. Then my 7 year old found a whole sand dollar. He was hooked. He was no longer interested in the broken sand dollars. He wanted the rare whole sand dollar from then on.

I tried to help search the sand for whole sand dollars. They were more difficult to find that broken pieces. They usually remained whole when they were partially hidden in the sand. So you could only see a small white flat circle sticking out of the sand. I saw something that looked like part of a sand dollar. It was small and white and flat and a circle. I called to my 7 year old and said, "It looks like a sand dollar over there."

He looked up and over to the spot where I was pointing. He said, "No mom, that's just bird poop."

Ahhhh... Nothing like a day at the beach.


Donna said...

Hahahaha!! How funny! Thanks for the fun comment you left back at My "place" sweetie! Come by anytime and bring some ice cream!Hahaa..hugs

Vicki ~ FL said...

Cute little guy .... now to find more sand dollars on his next trip;~)

Martha said...

Awww, what a cutie! Thanks for stopping by - you know those meatloaf wraps would be really great with some veggies stuffed in a couple instead of meatloaf :-)

a corgi said...

LOL; how cute he could tell the difference; at least no one tried to pick it up. Years ago when I lived closer to San Diego, there was this great place along one of the bay areas down there you could find sand dollars almost like a "dime a dozen"; whole ones too.

glad all enjoyed the beach :)


Michelle said...

Now THAT. THAT is hilarious. I've never searched for sand dollars before, and I'm almost afraid to now!

girlytwins said...

Haha. Better leave the sand dollar hunting to the kids. Us parents need glasses to distinguish sand dollars from bird poop :) LOL So cute! I am still laughing.