Monday, March 9, 2009

Things I found today

I decided to run some errands after lunch. I found this out my back door.
It's March! In Seattle! It's supposed to be warm! Not snowing!

After dinner I went in the bathroom to get a tissue. This is what I found in the bathroom.

Yes, that is a sink filled with water, soap, dirt, hot wheels cars, and a towel. I'm sure the wet towel is very useful.
And this last picture is what I found on the memory card that was in my camera. It seems that my 5 year took a few pictures of his own. Great close up.


Mama Zen said...

Instead of hot wheels and a wet towel, I find Littlest Pet Shops and wet globs of toilet paper. Totally disgusting.

Michelle said...

It's a car wash!

And ummm apparently we have your rain and you have our snow. Wanna trade? :)

girlytwins said...

I found a baby doll, towel, tp and conditioner in my sink once LOL.