Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Elements

While on vacation last year, we found place mats that had the Periodic Table of the Elements. My husband suggested that we buy them for the kids. They have been using them for a little while now.

The kids like to quiz me at dinner.

"Mom, what is Fe?"

"Iron. Now finish your rice."

"What is Ba?"

"Barium. Now please finish your rice."

These dinner quizzes have become regular occurrences in our house. I mentioned it while I was talking with my sister on the phone today. She laughed. I explained that my 5 year old's favorite element is Berkelium. He likes that one because its symbol is Bk just like Burger King.

My 6 year old likes #112 for two reasons. The first is that I don't know this element (He likes to stump me). The name is Ununbium and the symbol is Uub. The second reason he likes it that it's the last one. It's the highest number on the chart.

Does anyone else have kids who have favorite elements?


Elizabeth said...

I could have used that the other day...
My daughter just got herself a "are you smarter than a 5th grader" electronic game and they had an "elemental question"...in fourth grade science for goodness sake!
I've always been partial to Sodium...Na....
Na, Na, Na...

Michelle said...

Where did you get those? I love placemats like that. Our placemats are US and World maps, and they love talking about the various places and know most of them already. I'd love to add the periodic table!

And my favorite element? Au :)