Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Waste Management

Dear Waste Management (our wonderful garbage collection service),

Thank you so much for your optimistic view on the "weather event" last Thursday. I understand those flurries can be deadly especially when you have an enormous garbage truck on the roads. Those things are so light, I see how it can be easy to lose traction, especially with that whole half an inch of accumulation. I just don't know how the buses managed to pick up the kids and take them to school that day. You were very wise to take the day off. And not come out to pick up the trash for an entire week.

The offer to let your customers put out "extra" bags of trash next to the designated trash cans was a great idea. The squirrels, rats and other animals really appreciate it. I truly enjoyed cleaning up pieces of trash strewn all over the sidewalk and streets as a result of the free trash buffet in our neighborhood last night. And the rain just made it that much more fun.

It was nice of you to remind me of the time back in December when we got 8 inches of snow and the trash wasn't picked up for 3 weeks. But you still charged us for a full month of trash "service." The way you collect trash and recycle gives new meaning to the word, "service."

Thanks again. Can't wait to see what creative excuses ideas you have for spring.

Mrs. Cookie


Michelle said...

At least it's the garbage company causing the issues. A neighbor put out trash at 8am the day before trash day and didn't have it in the right bins and it wasn't secured and it was a windy day... after the third time picking up things in my yard, I called the city and rather enjoyed getting them a citation. I'm evil, I know.

bernthis said...

same thing happened in NYC with the FBI and other police services. I'm writing about it today but suffice it to say, it was four inches of snow and none of the FBI or DEA employees had to come to work