Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Missing Disc

As I've mentioned before, my husband likes to fix things. Mostly TV's these days. But he also fixes computers, computer monitors, game systems etc... Yes, I married a geek.

We've sold a few of these toys things on craigslist. Some that he bought just to fix and others he bought and used for a while and then decided it was time to upgrade. I am usually the one dealing with the interested buyers. I try to negotiate a fair price, schedule a pick up time etc...

Recently my husband sold an xbox. The original xbox. Yes, it was old, but it still worked great. We had been using it as a media center for a while. But then he decided to upgrade our media center. I have no idea what kind of media center we have now. I really can't tell the difference. (Please don't mention that to Mr. Cookie. He is very proud of his upgrades.)

The xbox was connected to one of the TV's until the day it was sold even though we hadn't used it a few months. Or at least we thought it wasn't being used.

I posted the xbox on craigslist. Someone wanted to buy it. My husband packed up the xbox and met the person. The next day I was going to the library. I couldn't find one of the discs that was due at the library. I asked my son where it was. He ran into the living room to retrieve it. He came back empty handed. "Mom, I put the disc in the xbox."

I asked my husband where the xbox was. He had sold it. It was gone and the disc was gone with it. The library disc.

My husband asked my son why would he put the disc in the xbox, when we were supposed to be using the newer, better, thing? The disc wasn't working in the newer better thing. So my son thought maybe it would work in the old trusty xbox. It didn't. The disc was scratched.

I went to the library with one disc of the 2-disc set. I explained what happened but I knew that I would have to pay for the disc. Of course I had to pay for the 2-disc set. $37 for 2 discs that don't even play. I was told that if I can find the disc within one year and return with the original receipt that I could get the money back.

I decided to ask the buyer if they have the disc and if they would be willing to return it. I called the number and a woman answered. She immediately knew that I must be calling about the disc. She wouldn't accept any money and said that she would mail it right away. Sure, I thought. I can't imagine it being high on her priority list.

Two days later the disc arrived in the mail.

What a nice person!

I spend so much time dealing with people on craigslist who say they are going to buy something and never show up. Or people who offer $100 for a $400 TV. Or people who are phishing for information and not really interested in buying anything. I can't tell you how much it made my day to find such a sincere, honest person. And of course being able to get back my $37 from the library is nice too.


Talon said...

I was so happy to read your post this afternoon, Cookie. It's wonderful when our faith in humanity is restored by simple acts of kindness.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I was so super wary of Craigslist, but have been pleasantly surprised by the buyers I have dealth with - they have all been very nice, professional, and honest (a real rarity on all fronts.) I am so happy you got the disc back!

Lu's Place said...

Very happy for your excellent experience, not only with your buyer but with the library. I think the reasonable price of the double disk set and the year to return it was very nice. I think you got a double dipper of nice.

Lynn said...

How lovely that the woman so kindly returned the disk. I echo Talon that it was a lovely act of kindness.

Michelle said...

The issues with icky people are why I don't deal with Craigslist at all, as much as I'd love to. How wonderful for you to have dealt with an honest person -- especially with the scratched disc issue. Yay people!

girlytwins said...

Wow. You are a lucky lady. My hubby is very craigslist savvy and he has some awful stories of people. I am happy your's turned out the way it did. That would have sucked.