Thursday, January 28, 2010

School Play

My kids don't have school tomorrow. Again. I don't know what the excuse reason is this time. I think we are celebrating the last Friday in January.

My kids came off the bus today very excited about being able to stay up a little later tonight and they asked if we could go to the school play tonight after dinner. Grades 3-6 are putting on "Peter Pan" or as my 6 year old calls it, "The Tinkerbell Movie."

I love going to the theater. I have even been to a Broadway show once. But a play starting kids in third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades is really meant just for the parents to enjoy. I didn't want to go. I told the kids that I didn't think we would have enough time tonight. My 7 year old had basketball and that would rush dinner if we had to leave the house again by 6:45. But the kids were almost finished eating dinner at 6:20. They still wanted to go. Reluctantly, I agreed.

Then my 7 year old suddenly no longer wanted to go. Hallelujah When I asked him why not, he told me that he never called his friend to make sure that his friend was going too. My 6 year old said that one of his friends would be there. My 7 year old thought about it and wanted to go again. And he wanted to bring his Pokemon cards. My 6 year old wanted to bring a sleeping bag.

I explained that we would be going to see a play, not to play. We would not be bringing Pokemon cards, sleeping bags or anything else. We would sit in seats and watch the performance.


Then my 7 year old said, "Then I don't want to go."

Whew! Neither did I.


Lynn said...

I am glad the planets lined up just right for that one, Cookie. :)

Lu's Place said...

That is so funny!! what I get such a kick out of is that they are so serious. It worked out
just perfect for you. They finished early with
their dinner so you had a longer evening with your family in your cozy family room.

Extra Ordinary Me said...

HAHA! All's well that ends well.

Talon said...

lol! It's amazing what happens when semantic clarity is achieved!

hokgardner said...

You are so lucky. I would have never been able to talk my girls out of going, and I loathe things like that (I'm a horrible, horrible person, I know).

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There Cookie, Just dropping by to say HI. We have snow-snow-snow today/tonight.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... Can you just imagine how excited I am????

Guess you were glad that the boys decided NOT to go... Little girls would never say NO --but little boys would rather play.

Buddy T. Doxie said...

lol I see kid's have train you humans just like us Doxie's & other animals do.... Me & My Sister do that to our human ("Pal")We go to the door then the min we get out, we Bark to come in,it's so much fun.)
Have a great weekend... Buddythedoxie

Anonymous said...

I dread the day when my kids are old enough to understand and want to attend school functions. Awful, I know. I am glad the boys had a change-of-heart!

Jannie Funster said...

Ahhh, off the hook so perfectly. That happened to me Friday morning. Sa-weeeet!!

Mama Zen said...

Every now and then, you get lucky!

Joyce-Anne said...

It's always nice when children cooperate.

LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha looks like you got your way in the end then! :D