Friday, August 28, 2009

A Special Fan

Yesterday was another hot day here. It was in the upper 80's and I turned on the fan to cool things off. The fan gave up. It died. It lived a good long life. I think it was over 10 years old. But it's still August. I can't be without a fan.

I felt a bit like a betrayer this morning when I went out to buy a new fan. Is it wrong to replace my old fan so fast? With more hot weather coming, I don't think so.

So today, I bought this.

This fan is special. A 20 inch box fan with 3 speed settings and a carry handie for convenience. You could search for years and never find a carry handie. Really! How often does one find a carry handie on their fan?!

Yup, it's made in China.

Yup, it was the only fan left in the store.

I hope it works.


Michelle said...

Ummm, you have our weather. Can we have it back please? I promise to give the mid60s rain back to you, too.

a corgi said...

I want to exchange my weather with Michelle's; I'll take the mid-60s with rain and even your upper 80s over our 100-plus temps any day!

I can see there being a big run on fans with temps that high; merchandisers must be happy though

stay cool


Mama Zen said...

A carry handie, huh? That is special!