Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lemonade Stand

I wish I could have taken a picture of this to share with you. But it wasn't my kids selling lemonade that I'm writing about. It was the kids who live about a block away. My neighborhood is a dead end. It is made up of one main road that has 5 small roads coming off of it. Each of those 5 roads ends in a cul de sac. I live in the third cul de sac. The lemonade stand was in the fourth cul de sac. At least the kids who selling the lemonade live in the fourth cul de sac.
My 5 year old was playing outside in front of my house today. He came running inside asking me for a quarter to buy some lemonade from his friends who live in the next cul de sac. He decided it would be best to take two quarters since his brother was outside too and would also want some lemonade. I asked my son, "did you leave our cul de sac?" Because surely the only way to buy lemonade would be to pass by the lemonade stand in front of their house, right? He assured me he hadn't.
I looked outside. The kids from the next cul de sac has set up their lemonade stand at the end of my driveway.
I get that these things happen. I get that kids wander sometimes. Parents lose track of their kids when go outside to play. It has happened to me before. My kids go outside to play and next thing I know my neighbor across the street is calling to ask if it's ok if my kids have a Popsicle. But that wasn't the case this time. This time the father was with the kids. In fact he was pulling the cooler for the kids to sell their lemonade at the end of my driveway. I'm not kidding.
So I was chatting with my good friend and next door neighbor, who also had to get a quarter for her son to have some convenient lemonade, and we decided that tomorrow we're going to sell something in their cul de sac. We just haven't decided what to sell yet. Classy, I know.


a corgi said...

that is tooo funny! I'm trying to think why would someone do that and I cannot come up with any ideas; its weird. Maybe you have a better manicured yard? maybe your driveway was in the shade???

we always try to stop at a lemonade stand when we see them and give the kids some money (usually don't take the product, never know how it was made, LOL). They get such a big kick out of someone actually stopping

I think perhaps you could sell whistles in front of his house; and then perhaps ask the kids who buy the whistles to try them out to make sure they work before they leave :)

enjoy the day


Joyce-Anne said...

There could be a good reason for the change i maybe you get more traffic. ;)

Talon said...

That is truly bizarre. I'm laughing at Betty's suggestion.

Is it because your particular cul-de-sac is a beehive of activity?

I know I'd want to sell something at the end of their driveway, too...and the whistle idea is sounding better and better :)

Mama Goose said...

I think you should have charged them rent!

Cathy said...

that is pretty annoying--i wouldn't have the nerve to set up shop in someone else's driveway!

girlytwins said...

That is so funny. I have yet to see lemonade stands in my neighborhood. But I am sure I will soon :)

Garbage Man said...

Was this your stand?