Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Signs That Summer Vacation Is A Little Too Long

1. You think that ice cream is an appropriate breakfast because it contains milk. And strawberry ice cream counts as fruit too!
2. You stop asking the kids not to fight and start asking them not to fight on the couch because blood stains don't come out.
3. You're on a first name basis with the people at the McDonald's drive thru.
4. The people at the McDonald's Drive thru aren't on a first name basis with you.
5. Spraying the kids outside with the hose has replaced giving them a bath.
6. You've finished buying all of the back to school supplies a month before school actually starts.
7. You start a petition for the school year to start in July.
8. You have bought 29 pairs of goggles and only have 2 kids that use them.
9. There are 5 buckets filled with dirt, sand, grass, weeds, seeds, shells, sand dollars, rocks and other collections on the deck, but not a single bucket available to take to the beach.
10. Your body goes into involuntary convulsions at the when you hear the first syllable of the word "boring"


a corgi said...

LOL; how many days now?? the kids started back here today where I live; they have a shorter summer break (2 months), but get 2 weeks at Thanksgiving, 3 at Christmas and 3 for spring break. I kind of like that, probably less hearing of the "b" word (boring)


Joyce-Anne said...

#10 has been a particular problem for me this summer. My 8 year old has decided that absolutely everything is BORING.

bernthis said...

you forgot:

You start doing practice drills by getting the out of bed at 7am and driving to school even though it's not yet open

Michelle said...

What, you're ready for school? I'm not. I am having Mister Man count down though -- 11 days now. No school supplies, uniforms or ummm anything else bought or done yet. I need a good lunchbox badly. I want to get a bento box style one that's cool, can insulate and isn't $$$$. Any suggestions from an experienced mom? :)

Talon said...

lol @ bernthis!

Cookie, love the list! I've been laughing the last few days at the Staples back-to-school supply commericals with the sound track of - "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

Parents delight in the return to school with the same joy that kids delight in the end of the school year so there's a nice balance going on - lol!

Heidi said...

Loved this. And I am sooo with you. Please, September, get here already.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Won't be long now- Hang in there!
I always loved not having to get up for the bus all summer-