Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Days

Some days there isn't much going on worth blogging about. Today is one of those days. The kids aren't doing much more than their usual fighting and whining. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. The conversations in my house seem strangely normal. Even my husband is well behaved.

I look to the neighbors for something blog-worthy. Nothing.

You would think I would be happy to have a peaceful, uneventful day. Instead I'm slightly disappointed to have nothing to blog about.

I'm sure Hallmark will have a new sympathy card for that soon.

But not to worry. I'm leaving to visit my parents in Virginia in a few hours. We'll be gone for 6 days. I'm sure the week will be filled with many blog-worthy adventures.


Gin said...

Even the husband is well behaved??? That's definately blog-worthy!

a corgi said...

I like days like this....; isn't it funny how we think about what we are going to write? (or am I the only one that with any event I'm doing, I'm thinking "could this be a blog??")

hoping you have a great visit with your parents :)


Karen said...

I feel that way too when there's nothing good to blog about. Have a good vacation.

Joyce-Anne said...

Ahh, blog fodder. Hopefully, the visit will be enjoyable and provide some entertaining stories. Have a good time!

Heidi said...

That happens to me all the time. I can't come up with anything to write, so the blog gets neglected for days and days. Then it's hard to get back in the swing of it again. This season especially makes it hard. I'm outside waaay too much to sit at the computer for any decent length of time. Anyway, I'm just sayin' I hear ya!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We all have days like this, Cookie... Sometimes we may just not be in the 'mood' to blog.... That's normal.

Have a great trip---and take lots of pictures to share.

Michelle said...

Bummer. You've got to hate it when that happens. Enjoy Virginia! It's alwyas interesting to me to see how differently the school year runs in various places.

Talon said...

I always think of those uneventful times as the "calm before the storm". Have a great trip, Cookie!

Lynn said...

Have a great trip, Cookie. My sis lives in Virginia - love it there. (She lives near Winchester.)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Who ever said posts had to be rants about discontents?
Strange the stuff the has to be "deemed blog-worhty"!