Monday, February 9, 2009

Home Depot

On Saturday I went to Home Depot and bought 3 gallons of paint. One was the for the ceiling. The other two were for the walls (I'm re-painting my 6 year old's bedroom this week). Which of the following do you think happened?

A. I had so much fun buying paint at Home Depot that I wanted to return. So I didn't buy all 3 gallons at once. I decided to buy one gallon for the ceiling and one for the walls so that I could stop in the middle of my painting and go buy another gallon of paint.

B. The guy working in the paint department wanted to make sure that I came back, so he sabotaged one gallon of the paint I bought so that I would have to return for more paint.

C. Train A was going 70 miles per hour headed west. It was stopped in the mountains for avalanche control. The tank holding (my) paint froze. Paint doesn't freeze well. Actually paint doesn't melt very well. Home Depot sold the once frozen paint to me on Saturday night. The guy working in the paint department thought my paint looked a little lumpy and warned me that a tank of paint had frozen and I should check my paint when I got home. When I opened the can of paint it looked normal. When I poured the paint I learned that once frozen paint lumps sink in a can of paint. When you pour this kind of paint into a tray, it looks like pancake batter (I wish I had taken a picture!). Lumpy paint is not good for your walls.

D. When you return lumpy paint back to Home Depot, they don't compensate you for your quality control efforts. They don't care that you had to drag your 5 year old out to the store while your paint brushes are still covered with paint and probably all dried up now. Home Depot doesn't care that you spent all afternoon picking globs of paint off the walls and cursing Home Depot every time. Home Depot doesn't care that you might be late in picking up your 6 year old at the bus stop.

I would like to believe the answer is "B." But I would be wrong. The correct answers are "C" and "D."

I can't wait to continue my painting saga tomorrow.


Michelle said...

And this is why I don't do ANY DIY projects :) Hello cell phone. Can you connect me with a contractor? Ouch, sorry, Cookie! But hey... now you know for ummm next time. Right?

Cathy said...

that's so awful!! I hate painting my house, but really need to redo our son's bedroom soon.

girlytwins said...

UGGG!!! That is horrible. As if painting is not annoying enough on its own. Sorry...Damn Home Depot!