Thursday, September 10, 2009

Choosing a Color

Thanks for all the well wishes for my son. The ENT was able to get the eraser out of my son's ear. He almost gave up. After about 5 minutes of trying the ENT looked at me and started talking about scheduling surgery for tomorrow. I started to blank out and strongly suggest that he try again. This time I held my son and encouraged him to stay still. It worked. The eraser came out! The doctor asked if we wanted to take the eraser home. Is he crazy?! No thanks. Now my son can no longer say, "sorry mom, I can't hear you, I have an eraser in my ear." He did try this several times. He did not, however, get away with it.

My 7 year old liked going to the ENT. The ENT's office was right down the hall from the doctor he went to when he broke his arm back in February.

This week we're getting the exterior of our house painted. Today the painters finished the pressure washing, scraping and caulking. I need to decide on a color. Here are my choices.

That's 2.5 inches of colors! The kids think black would be nice.

I was looking at some of the names. Check out these pinks.

Can you read the names? The lightest pink is "Romantic." The next is"Second Honeymoon." The third is "Tingle." Do you see a theme here? The next is "Want it." I was a little afraid to read the next one, "Whistler." Then comes, "Bohemian" and "Attitude." Who comes up with these names?! The next set of pinks has "Excite" and "Betrothed."

I was thinking of getting a more neutral earth tone tan color. I can choose, "Crumbled wall." Is that a prediction? Not a very good thing to put on your house, I would think. Or how about "Pot hole?" I can imagine the conversation now.
Neighbor: "Is that the newest color pot hole on your house? "
Me: "Yes, it is."
Neighbor: "Wow! It looks great! Just like a real pot hole!"

They also have a brownish-tan called, "Dotcom." I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

I'm leaning toward one called, "Deck chair." It's a nice brown. Neutral. Earth-toned. Peaceful. Non-kinky. Respectable name that I can tell my neighbors. Deck chair it is.

Neighbor: "Wow! Did you just get your house painted? It looks great."
Me: "Thanks. It's Deck chair."
Neighbor : (Not going to say anything because it's obvious that they are both looking at a house and not a deck a chair. Cookie has completely lost it.)


Joyce-Anne said...

I am glad to hear your son is ok. Deck chair sounds like a nice color for a house.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Cookie, Glad they got the eraser out of your son's ear. Hope he doesn't do that again.

Cute names for the colors. BUT--I don't think I'd choose something with the word "Crumble" in it.. ha ha

Good Luck.

Michelle said...

Oh I hate choosing colors. Can I strongly suggest getting a sample quart and painting a few possibilities on the house to see what you think? I have done more painting that I don't GET because it didn't look like that when I saw it on the swatch or in the can.... But how COOL to have a whole new color. Go you!

And yay to no more eraser.

Talon said...

Glad the eraser adventure is over!

I always laugh at paint colour names. In the end we always end up describing everything by basic names like, "Yeah, I painted my wall green." Maybe they should just give up and number the chips? But then you wouldn't be able to see the expression on people's faces when you say you painted your kitchen "flax seed" and your bedroom "milled cotton" with a touch of "toasted oat" which are the names of real paint colours I used in the last few months.

Deck chair sounds lovely for the house...and relaxing - lol!

a corgi said...

glad the eraser is out of the ear; I would have thought your son might have wanted it for show and tell

they are coming up with some unique colors for paints these days. At church the other day the pastor was explaining these new programs and they were all color coated so people could remember what went to where. the color looked blue to me, but he said the designer had told him periwinkle, same with the green, it was sage, etc

whatever color you choose for your house I am sure will be a good color for you and yours; the good news is at least you aren't painting it yourself :)


p-huong said...

I take a leave from the blog world and THIS happens? How in the world did he get the eraser stuck in his ear? HAHAH don't tell him to put an ice cube in his nose. My friend did that and she said it HHELLLAAA hurt.

So who has this job? I'd definitely consider quitting the pre-med route for the Paint Namer career... depending on how much schooling that requires and the pay.

Lynn said...

Hope that eraser thing doesn't happen again!

I have a pinky tan color in my bedroom than leans toward the tan, called Garden Path. It was a Martha color - never gotten tired of it. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

So funny! The paint names, not the eraser. Holy cow, like a mom doesn't have enough to stress about! Glad it's out and he's ok.