Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spelling Test

My first grader gets a homework assignment at the beginning of the week that is due the following Monday. Most of the time this turns out to be homework that I have to help him complete or at least get started. This week we procrastinated. So the homework is due tomorrow and tonight I get around to giving him the spelling test.

The teacher asked for the parents to give a spelling test using all of the "ap" words, meaning words that end in "ap." Ok, not a very difficult test since it's already given that all of the words will end the same.

My son takes out a pencil and his paper and gets ready. What's the first "ap" word that I can think of? How about "crap?" Oh, that's not a good word for a first grader's spelling test. How about "pap?" As in, "I don't like being reminded that it is time for a yearly pap."

After a few moments I was able to come up with a few more appropriate words. When I was all done with tap, cap, flap, nap, lap, gap, map, sap, zap, and wrap, my 6 year old says, "wait mom! You forgot 'crap!'" Another proud parent moment.


Michelle said...

Oops :) On the plus side, it sounds like his spelling is going well!

Cathy said...

That's so funny--crap would be the first word I would have thought of too. :)

girlytwins said...

Haha. Well he's thorough :) Great minds think alike.

Jay said...

This is SO funny! LOL

You don't know me. I found your blog by chance, but have bookmarked it for future reference. I love your stories! Keep up the writing! :-)