Friday, March 25, 2011

Who's Laughing Now?

I feel so old. I feel like I'm always at the doctor's office. I hate it. Most of you remember that I hurt my back this fall and had spine surgery in December. It's been 6 months and now I'm better. But I put off a lot of things during that time. Last month I caught up on some dental work that I needed. This morning I went to my annual OBGYN appointment.

At the dentist I get to sit back in a chair and watch TV and enjoy some nitrous. It never makes me laugh, but I enjoy it.

At the OBGYN, I have to strip down to a paper towel, lay on a cold table and stare at a Nemo picture taped to the ceiling. This is when I could really use that nitrous!

The doctor walked in and started with small talk and chatted about my history. When she started the physical exam, I was so tense. Who enjoys this?? It is definitely easier having my teeth poked at than having my WhoHa poked at. And have you seen the size of the needles the dentist uses?? That's nothing compared to the size of the speculum! And then comes the scrape, scrape, scrape. I get stressed just thinking about it.

At least it's over for this year. Next year I'm going to search for an OBGYN that has nitrous.


The Mother said...

The history of obstetrics, and the use of the speculum, is fascinating. I've been researching it for the last couple of years.

Until the modern era, only the prostitute was indelicate enough to endure the use of the speculum. Everyone else was treated with just the "touch", in which the doc inserted fingers but looked delicately away.


girlytwins said...

OMGosh I am dying. I would fly up to Washington just to have a OBGYN that used nitrous. Last summer I had the Mirena IUD out in. Talk about torture. My cervix wasn't dialated enough so I had to have two shot in it Big BOOO!! Then sit and wait with that special speculum holding me wide open while my OB talked to me about how horrible she thinks Disney movies are cuz they push little girls to think they need a prince to make them happy. I was DYING!!!