Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Perfect World

In my perfect world...

Spatulas would not melt when resting on a frying pan.

Both kids would have soccer practice at the same time on the same field on the same days.

Chocolate would not have calories. or fat. or sugar. or caffeine. It would be like celery.

$40 kids shoes from Nike would last more than 2 months.

My car would always pass inspection on the first time. Or at least the second.

If someone steals your mailbox, they would have to pay the bills that are in it.

Schools would have one winter break, not early winter break, midwinter break, and end of winter break. Only to be followed by spring break.

Furniture shopping would be easy. and affordable.

The guy working at the front desk at the gym would not change the channel when Regis and Kelly comes on.

That would be my perfect world. At least for this week! How about you?


hokgardner said...

Mine would include a day in which all four kids were healthy enough to go to school.

And I would get finished with washing, folding and putting up all the laundry before I had to start all over again.

TALON said...

Oh, so many of your perfections I totally relate to - though my kids are grown now and have to buy their own shoes :)

What is it with those spatulas? Are they attracted to the pans or what? lol!

girlytwins said...

I would live there!! :)