Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Uh Oh

Usually my blog is about my kids and the silly things they do or say. Today I'm writing about me and the silly thing I might have done.

On Saturday I went to a friend's house to meet up with some friends and play Bunco. I brought an hors d'oeuvre to share. It was crackers with cream cheese and jalapenos. Simple and yummy! My husband took the kids out to dinner so he used my car and I drove his car.

I came home and my bag was wet. The jar of jalapenos had leaked. Just a little. The jar remained filled with jalapeno juice. So I dropped the bag in the laundry room.

On Monday when my husband drove his car to work it stunk like a jar of jalapenos. Whoopsie. Never thought that it may have leaked through my bag and into his car.

When he came home I used some carpet cleaner and then some baking soda to try and get the smell out. When I was done he car still smelled but then it smelled like cleaner, not jalapenos.

He sent me an email today saying it still smelled.

So now I'm shopping for a new car.


Funny in My Mind said...

You can try vinegar. Spray it on the car and hope it dissipates the smell.

Lynn said...

I've heard ground coffee left in a dish, but then your car would smell like coffee.

And Murphy's Oil Soap left in a bowl overnight. But then it would smell like, you know...

TALON said...

Oh, that's so annoying that the smell keeps lingering. I swear cars trap odours like crazy! To make your hubby feel better I have a story. Years ago, when we were moving across country, we had the cat (gone to kitty heaven now) and the dog (gone to the separate dog heaven) in the car along with the three kids. Yes, it was a JOYFUL five day road trip. Anyhow, at one point the dog wasn't feeling well and with no warning he relieved himself in the back - and it was NOT number one. He then proceeded to climb over the seat into the back seat on top of the kids. He was a huge german shepherd who weighed 120 pounds and oh my goodness! That smell lingered and trying to find a store to get cleaners when you're on the main highways - and it's summer and it was just plain bad. We sold that car not long after we settled in because we all swore we could smell it, even though it was probably a scent memory. I'd rather have jalapeno juice - lol!

Lu's Place said...

Years and years ago I went on a road trip with my x on a big rig. We had taken snacks with us and one of those snacks was sardines and crackers. The truck hit a bump and the juice jumped out into the sheets of the bunk in the back. That truck was not ours it was a company truck. I am sure other drivers wanted to kill us. What a terrible odor!!!