Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Take That Back

Yesterday my kids were inside playing video games. It was a nice afternoon and I was planning to do some yard work so I sent the kids outside to play.

My 8 year old asked me if he could cut some blackberry bushes that were invading his fort by the swing set. I told him, "Sure, go ahead."

About 40 minutes later I surrendered to my weeds and was putting the garden recycling can away when my 8 year old said, "Mom, come over here and look what we've done to our fort!"

OMG. They had cut all of the ivy on the hill. The ivy that needs to be on the hill so that the hill remains a hill. We do live in Seattle. The rain will be here soon enough and the hill will be gone.

So I take back what I said earlier. "Please go back inside and play video games."

My husband is going to be really mad when he sees the bare hill. So nobody tell him, okay. Hopefully it will grow back before the Autumn monsoon starts.

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Maybe he'll be too busy enjoying his new car to notice. :)