Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Still Can't Figure It Out

My bluetooth. I know it's only one button. But I can't figure it out. I hung up on my sister today. Twice. And I ignored my husband's call. When I finally pressed the button I heard it ringing. I'm sure I hung up on someone else in my phone book. So sorry.

Now for my lame excuse for not being here. I just got back from Hawaii. I went with my husband and kids for 7 days. We met my husband's family there for 4 days. They traveled from Japan. I'll try to post some pics later. Not that anyone really wants to see me in a bathing suit, so I might just post some pics of the kids.

I know that's only 7 or 8 days accounted for. I also hurt my back. I was out of commission for almost a month. I was taking so much medicine and had two shots in my spine. You know someone is in a lot of pain when getting a needle inserted into her spine sounds like a good idea. And the second shot seemed to have done the trick. Oh, I also got a fashionable back brace. It's about 2 feet long and fits like a sharp corset. I heard you will be able to purchase one for yourself this fall at Nordstrom's.


TALON said...

I have no knowledge of Bluetooth, but I imagine there's a learning curve involved :)

I'm glad you're back pain is under control. I damaged my back years ago so I can understand how the idea of a needle in the spine is a most welcome one!

Haiwaii - that sounds so heavenly! I bet you all had a glorious time.

Lynn said...

That trip sounds fantastic - I hope your back was better before you went.

My sister finally gave up her Bluetooth - same reason. :)

Lu's Place said...

Hi there, Girl. I have been concerned about you. You generally are telling us about your little ones regularly. My son has a blue tooth and loves it. That's all I know. I just know it took me 4 hours to program my new mobil phone today. What a time I had. I am so sorry about your back. Continue to get better and be careful.

Joyce-Anne said...

My husband has a blue tooth and he's a "techie"--if he can't figure it out, no one can.