Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Still Here

I know some of you may have been wondering where I've been lately. And I'm guessing some of you may not have noticed that I was gone. And I'm sure still more are wondering who is Cookie anyway?

Would you believe I'm just being mysterious?

I didn't think so.

Today was my final exam in my Japanese class. I still have a presentation next week (that I haven't started preparing for) but soon I'll have more free time. I should have been studying yesterday, but my 6 year old had other plans. He vomited in his bed and slept in it all night. I walked into his room yesterday morning to a bed full of chunks. How can you vomit and not continue sleeping??? There was also a pile of bloody tissues next to his bed. He told me that the vomit was boogers. He had a bloody nose and thought that had caused the vomit. Poor kid. I had already taken him to the pediatrician last week and we already had a follow-up appointment scheduled for this morning. So he stayed home sick yesterday and the pediatrician gave him the OK to go back to school today. Tomorrow we have an appointment with the allergist. A 3 hour appointment.

The other thing that has been taking up my time is that I joined a gym. I've become a workout junkie. Or rather a workout junkie wannabe. My biggest complaint about the gym is that there is a McDonald's across the parking lot from the gym. So after burning 200 calories on the treadmill, I can reward myself with a thousand calorie milkshake. A vicious cycle.


Lynn said...

Poor him and poor you! I have wondered where you were, Cookie - and am anxious to hear about the Japanese class that you are working in to motherhood and gym. :)

vickilmp said...

I have wondered where you were, as I check your blog about every day..i love your posts, so humerous, and fun!!

Talon said...

Awww! Poor boy! I hope all goes well with the allgerist. I don't think the 3 hour visit could be half as bad as what you walked into in your son's room yesterday morning!

Well, at least you know how to keep up your strength after a vigorous workout - lol! Or maybe you should be hitting McDonald's on your way INTO the gym ;) (Do you think there's a conspiracy at play here with these two companies? lol)

I'll be anxious to hear how you made out with the Japanese exam!

Joyce-Anne said...

I hope your little guy feels better soon. Good luck at the allergist.

Of course, I noticed you hadn't posted in what felt like forever. I figured that it was due to the kids and your Japanese class.

Lu's Place said...

Glad you are back, missed you!

Extra Ordinary Me said...

I didn't notice. Only because I've been gone too. :-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like you are staying BUSY, Cookie.... That's good that you have joined a gym... But--be sure and stay AWAY form Mickey D's.... ha ha

Mama Zen said...

Good luck with the presentation!

girlytwins said...

I always say that I exercise so that I can eat the junk food without feeling bad. LOL

Hope your lil one is doing better!!