Friday, April 17, 2009

A Few Things

I'm still trying to sort through all the pictures of my recent trip to Japan. I wrote a few notes on a paper chop sticks wrapper. I folded it and kept it in my pocket during the trip.


Sitting at the table in my son's great grandmother's house, my 5 year read a short children's book to his grandmother. When the book was done, his grandmother wanted him to keep reading. So she found a piece of paper and helped him to read it. I watched and told my husband that I was surprised that my son was able to read so well (he can 2 of the three "alphabets"). He asked if I knew what he was reading. No, I didn't know what the paper was. It was a sake label. My MIL was helping my son to learn about sake. Wonderful.


When leaving Japan, you have to go through Passport Control. Passport Control has a line for Japanese passport holders and another line for foreign passport holders. I got in the line for foreign passport holders. 2 American looking and English speaking businessmen got on line behind me. My 5 year old pulls on my coat and says very loudly, "Mommy, see that guy behind us?"
I looked at the man. He was looking at me and obviously heard my 5 year old too. I smiled at him, turned to my 5 year old and nodded.
Then my 5 year old said, in the same loud voice, "He's bald."
I wanted to run out of that place. But the line inched for another 20 minutes. Great.


When flying from my in-laws house in Nagasaki to Tokyo Disneyland, we had to wait at the Tokyo airport for the shuttle to the hotel. I went to use the bathroom while we waited. In the stall there was a TV. A TV?! I thought, "I wish I had my camera with me so I could take a picture of the TV in the bathroom stall." Then I thought, "would I really have the guts to take a picture inside a bathroom stall?" That sounds a little creepy, No?


girlytwins said...

Great! You never know when your son might need to know the ingredients in sake :)

Haha. A Tv in a public bathroom. I guess the Japanese take their time in their bathroom stalls LOL.

And not to be snatchy but my sweet lil girl informed me that the nice lady next to us at dinner had a big ole booty....I wanted to die.

Mama Zen said...

Beware reflection in the tv screen!

Momisodes said...

You totally should have taken a pic :) Not creepy. Very blog worthy though ;)

Fire Hunt said...

I have done photos inside a bathroom so no it is not creepy.

Michelle said...

Oh don't take a picture in the bathroom. Your instincts were right on that one ;) As much as I want to take a picture of the sign they put on the stall at my work, I've refrained....

And notes on chopstick paper? That cracks me up! Can't wait to see more pics!

musing said...

I'm a total Japanophile so am loving your stories!