Monday, April 20, 2009


Saturday was a busy day. My 7 year old had a baseball game at 10am. That meant we had to be at the field between 9:15 and 9:30 to help set up the field and do warm ups. I took my 7 year old and my husband came later with our 5 year old.

I'm the official scorekeeper for my son's team. I had no idea when I volunteered what scorekeeper entailed. I thought I would simply make a note of the score at each game. But that would be too easy. I was given an official score book. Inside it is filled with some kind of funky geometric shapes carefully spaced on tiny graph paper. It also has numbers everywhere.
I wasn't able to attend the one night of training for scorekeepers. I wanted to attend, but the 5 hours notice wasn't enough for me to get my husband home in time to watch the kids. And no, I'm not still bitter about that. I mean only a month has passed since then. Why would I still be bitter?

So I keep score the best I can. I write down all the players names and numbers and then copy what the scorekeeper for the other teams writes. This keeps me busy the entire 2 hours of the game. Did you get that? 2 hours?!

On Saturday, my 7 year old caught a ball with his eye. He was ok, but crying a lot and wanted to go home. I couldn't really do much to comfort him because I was busy making up a score. After some ice and some candy, he was feeling better and went back in the game.

My 5 year old's T-ball game started at noon. I took my 7 year old there (we showed up late because his game wasn't over till 12:15). My 7 year old found some rocks to play with along the sidelines. A toddler saw him playing with the rocks and wanted to play too. The toddler picked up a rock and threw it. My 7 year old started screaming and blood was running down his head. I rushed him to the car and after a few minutes, I finally discovered that it was a lot of blood, but a small cut and not very deep. Luckily we still the ice from his eye catching the ball in the last game and put that on his head.

He was still very upset and hungry so I took him home for lunch. I think I got to see my 5 year old up to bat just once in his very first T-ball game. My husband said he took pictures, but I haven't seen them yet. He looked so cute in the uniform. T-ball is a very cute sport and I remember from last year, that it's very fair.

There is another baseball game tonight. This time I get to bring snacks for the team, make up keep score and watch my 5 year since my husband will be at work. I hope I can manage to survive the 2 hours without a trip to the ER.


Fire Hunt said...

Kids are fun there is alway some thing going on. You will survive we always do.

Cathy said...

LOL! Wow--you're brave to take both to the game and keep score! That scoring looks intimidating.

Mama Zen said...

TWO HOURS? That's harsh!

bernthis said...

I volunteered as an assistant coach for my kid's soccer. Never again.

girlytwins said...

This is hilarious. I actually know how to take score from YEARS of going to my dad's softball games and it is a lot of work :)

That was enough drama to last me a month in one day LOL. I hope your little guy is doing ok after all that trauma :)

Michelle said...

Yikes.... Fortunately we haven't made it to the ER, but you aren't painting a pretty picture for me when I have to take both the wee ones by myself to the next game :)

But hey -- if you ever need ANY help with keeping score, let me know. I love keeping score. It totally makes sense once you get it. I promise :)