Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The other day I was out walking with my kids.  We came to an intersection.  The light was green and the white man on the small blinking sign indicated it was time to walk.  But my 9 year old was hesitant.  He was afraid that since it was already our turn to cross the street, maybe we would run out of time before we made it across.  I checked for cars and assured him that it was safe.  Then he said, "But no mom, I don't want to get caught jaywalking!"  (Let me just remind that the light was green and since no cars were coming, it was likely going to stay green for a while.)  Before I could reply, my 10 year old spoke up, "Don't worry.  There is no such thing as jayrunning.  So we'll just run across."  My 9 year old was thrilled with that solution and they both took off running across the street.  By the time I meandered across the street, the light was still green.  Whew!

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Lu's Place said...

yay! I missed you. I even took you off my favorites. Tell me what's been happening.