Friday, July 1, 2011

What I Like About You

My boys have been fighting. A lot. I could say they have been fighting since school got out but that wouldn't be true. I think they started fighting when the younger one was old enough to spit.
Almost everyday I have to be the referee. I'm tired of it. I told the boys that they should respect and love each other. I sat them down and asked them to compliment each other, to tell their brother something they like about him.
My 9 year old started. He said, "I like that you're not in the way too much."
We were off to a great start.
My 7 year old said, "I like your nose."
That went well.


Lu's Place said...

there is a lot I like about you guys. You have so much fun and the best part is that you see the fun. I loved, the spitting part. lol Have a good time the rest of the summer. You might tell them You won a spitting contest once when you were their age. I would do things like that once in awhile to make them think and while they were thinking they were not fighting!!! ttyl

girlytwins said...

Your boys can always make me laugh! Hoping to get back up on my blog :(, was really unmotivated but your funny stories helped...A LOT!!

Anonymous said...